Reiki Energy Balancing Session in Lakeway TX

Offering Reiki Energy Balancing Sessions for $95 for 60 minutes and $140 for 90 minutes

What is Reiki Energy Balancing Therapy

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that originated in Japan. Rei means Universal and Ki means energy, therefore Reiki translates to Universal Energy, energy that is all around and within us. We work with this energy in a therapeutic way.

We often view Reiki as a meditation through the medium of touch. Allowing the you to reach a deep meditative and hypnotic state. This helps you to be a state of mind that allows your body's self healing capabilities to take over.

During a session the Reiki Practitioner is working with your energy through the laying of hands either on or above you the client, while fully clothed.



What Types of Reiki Therapy Do We Offer

Mind, Body, and Spirit: These sessions focus on finding and relieving energetic blockages that are mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. This is perfect if you feel like something is energetically "off" or unbalanced.

Reiki Journey: A package of 7 individual sessions. Each session will focus on each of your chakras starting with your root chakra and ending with your crown chakra. A nice blend of therapeutic energy work as well as being educational. If you're just beginning your spiritual awakening process and want to focus on spiritual development this is perfect for you.

What is Reiki Good For

Ultimately your mind, body, and spirit are always working towards balancing itself. Reiki Therapy helps to create an environment inside of you in which this can be achieved with less resistance.

One of the major benefits of Reiki Therapy is that it is incredibly grounding. If you feel like you need to balance, clear, or reset yourself energetically, Reiki is for you.

Another major benefit of Reiki Therapy is  clarity and direction. Some of the ailments you're dealing with may be a result of you being in resistance to what your spirit is trying to lead you to do. Reiki is a great way to both help you learn to trust your intuition as well as gain clarity on how to move foward in life when feeling stagnant.